Newsworthy Chef in L.A. Wins Prestigious Culinary Award

The annual James Beard Foundation Awards, known as the top restaurant awards in the U.S., were held in Chicago on Monday to honor outstanding culinary professionals from various backgrounds. Among the winners was a Los Angeles chef who clinched the title of Best Chef: California.

Lord Maynard Llera, the chef-owner of the modern-Filipino restaurant Kuya Lord, received the coveted regional accolade. Originally from Lucena City in the Philippines, Llera moved to Los Angeles and honed his skills in some of the city’s renowned kitchens before venturing out on his own. His dedication to Filipino cuisine and innovative dishes has earned him recognition in the culinary world.

In his acceptance speech, Llera expressed gratitude to his team, especially his wife, for their unwavering support throughout his journey. He highlighted the importance of collaboration and mentorship in his success, emphasizing that the award was a collective achievement.

While Llera’s restaurant stood out among the nominees, other establishments like Gusto Bread and Strong Water tiki bar also received nominations in different categories. Additionally, food critic Ruth Reichl, a former editor at the Los Angeles Times, was honored with the lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the food industry.

The James Beard Foundation Awards not only celebrate culinary excellence but also reflect the evolving landscape of food culture in America. This year’s ceremony showcased the diversity and innovation present in the industry, setting the stage for future advancements and collaborations.

As the culinary world continues to evolve, chefs like Llera and establishments like Kuya Lord are at the forefront of reshaping the dining experience and promoting cultural diversity through food.

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