Theresa and Sarah were not thrilled with the idea of a double wedding suggested by Bonnie. They barely knew each other, and their grooms-to-be were not exactly best friends. However, Theresa was eager to marry Alex quickly and might consider the double wedding idea in the future.

If the double wedding happens, it could be a way to bring the families together and avoid any potential drama. Fiona showing up and revealing Xander as the true Kiriakis heir could ruin Theresa’s plans, but combining the weddings could help avoid any unwanted surprises.

Theresa doesn’t have many friends in Salem, so Sarah might include her in her bachelorette party to make her feel more included. With the potential for wild pre-wedding festivities on Days of Our Lives, there could be some unexpected twists and turns.

If Fiona crashes the bachelorette party or shows up early in town, it could spell trouble for Theresa. She might be tempted to drink or do drugs if she gets nervous about Fiona’s presence. Fiona being unaware of Victor’s will could also lead to some interesting developments before the wedding.

Overall, Theresa’s world is set to be turned upside down, and the upcoming marriage with Alex might not end well. Fans of Days of Our Lives should stay tuned for more updates on the chaos that is about to unfold. Keep checking CDL for all the latest spoilers, predictions, news, and updates on the show.