The latest episode of The Bold and the Beautiful revealed that Douglas Forrester has developed a newfound interest in photography. This new hobby could potentially lead to some major drama in the upcoming episodes.

In the past, the show has used Douglas to uncover secrets that the adults are trying to keep hidden. It wouldn’t be surprising if Douglas ends up snapping a scandalous photo that exposes a betrayal or secret.

There are a couple of different directions this storyline could take. One possibility is that Thomas Forrester may give in to temptation and share a kiss with Hope Logan. Douglas could find out about this and decide to reveal the truth to someone like Paris Buckingham.

Alternatively, with the focus shifting away from Hope and Thomas, Douglas could catch Finn kissing Hope. This could lead to a dilemma for Douglas as he decides whether or not to expose the betrayal to Steffy Forrester.

It’s interesting that the show chose to make Douglas interested in photography specifically, as this hobby could easily lead to capturing a shocking moment on film. It seems likely that Douglas will play a key role in uncovering the next big scandal on the show.

As the storyline develops, we can expect to see Douglas facing another difficult decision and potentially causing some major upheaval among the adults on the show. Keep watching to see how Douglas handles the secrets and scandals that are sure to come.

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