Teddy Mitchell caused quite a stir when he arrived in Albert Square on EastEnders. Viewers were left feeling distracted by his irritating habit, which seemed to overshadow the drama unfolding with the Mitchell family. Teddy, along with his sons Harry and Barney, came to Walford in search of his missing father, Stevie.

His arrival at Walford General Hospital led to a confrontation with Will Mitchell, which eventually led him to Albert Square. As Teddy’s sons explored the area, he kept a close eye on Billy and Will, eventually confronting Will in the Square’s gardens. This encounter led to a surprising revelation – Teddy is Billy’s brother, leaving the Mitchell family in a state of confusion.

While the storyline of Teddy Mitchell’s family drama unfolded, some viewers couldn’t help but focus on his fashion choices. Many fans took issue with his preppy jumper-over-the-shoulders look, demanding that the wardrobe department make a change. Some even joked about the impracticality of wearing a sweater in 30-degree heat.

Despite the distraction caused by Teddy’s annoying habit and questionable fashion sense, viewers were intrigued by the new character and the dynamic he brought to the show. As the storyline continues to unfold, fans can expect more drama and surprises from the Mitchell family and their newest member, Teddy.

Overall, Teddy Mitchell’s arrival in Albert Square brought a mix of drama, confusion, and sartorial debate among EastEnders fans. Despite the annoyance caused by his habits, viewers are eager to see how his character develops and impacts the Mitchell family dynamics in the future episodes of the show.