Taylor Swift performed the breakup ballad “Last Kiss” during her 113th Eras Tour show in Zürich, Switzerland. This song is believed to be about her past relationship with Joe Jonas. The lyrics mention the date July 9, which is why Swift chose to include it in the concert on that specific day. She played “Last Kiss” on the piano in a mashup with another breakup song called “Sad Beautiful Tragic” from her album “Red.”

The singer and Jonas Brothers member, Joe Jonas, dated briefly in 2008 before their relationship ended. Swift famously revealed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that Jonas broke up with her over the phone in a 25-second call, which left her heartbroken. Swift also mentioned in a later interview that she may have been too harsh in her public comments about Jonas and admitted that it was just teenage drama.

Despite the past drama, Swift and Jonas have reconciled and become friends over the years. Swift even befriended Sophie Turner, who later married Jonas in 2019. Swift provided Turner with a place to stay when she and Jonas initially split and has shown her support by attending events together.

Jonas has also shown that any bad blood between him and Swift is in the past by changing the lyrics of the song “Much Better” to a more positive message during a recent performance. Swift has referenced her connection to Jonas and Turner in her music, hinting at a newfound appreciation for the people who have impacted her life.

As Swift wraps up her successful Eras Tour, there is still a chance for Jonas to catch one of her shows before the tour officially ends in December. Despite their rocky history, it seems that Swift and Jonas have moved past their teenage drama and found a way to support each other in their respective careers and personal lives.