Taylor Swift recently made headlines when she chose to take selfies with Prince William and his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, at one of her Wembley Stadium gigs. This move has sparked rumors that she may be distancing herself from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who have been reportedly snubbed by several celebrities.

One such celebrity is Victoria Beckham, who has allegedly given Meghan the “cold shoulder” according to insiders. The Beckhams, who were once close friends with the Sussexes, have seemingly distanced themselves from the royal couple due to their recent behavior.

In addition to the Beckhams, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are also said to have rejected an invitation to Archie’s fifth birthday party last year. However, they did attend Lilibet’s third birthday party earlier this month, along with their daughter Daisy Bloom. It seems that the couple’s relationships with Harry and Meghan have been strained in recent months.

Furthermore, Amal and George Clooney, who were once close friends with the Sussexes, failed to invite them to their Albie Awards last October. Reports suggest that George Clooney has distanced himself from Harry and Meghan in order to maintain favor with King Charles and Queen Camilla.

These snubs and rejections have led royal expert Josh Rom to claim that the Sussexes are falling out with celebrity A-listers as they try to establish themselves in Hollywood. Despite their efforts, it seems that Prince William and the rest of the royal family are receiving more support from the entertainment industry.

It appears that Taylor Swift’s decision to align herself with Prince William and his family has caused a stir in the celebrity world, with many wondering where her loyalties lie. As the drama continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Meghan and Harry will navigate their relationships with the Hollywood elite in the future.