Taraji P. Henson found herself in a mix-up with Keith Lee at the 2024 BET Awards, but she’s setting the record straight. Henson, who hosted the show for the third year in a row, made a comment on Instagram addressing the incident where she accidentally confused Keith Lee with another influencer, Jordan Howlett, while handing out roses to celebs in the audience.

In a since-deleted TikTok, Keith Lee dropped the rose he received on the floor and expressed his frustration, but Henson responded by explaining that Lee wasn’t in his assigned seat and missed his moment. She emphasized that there was no ill will and that she cleaned up the situation at the end of the show.

Despite the mix-up, Keith Lee clarified that he was not upset with Henson and praised her performance during the show. He mentioned that the segment felt unprepared and unprofessional, and that the organizers didn’t set them up for success, which led to the embarrassing situation.

Before the show, Keith Lee shared his excitement about attending the event with his wife, Ronnie Lee, expressing gratitude for the opportunity. He reflected on his journey and how he always believed in his destined path, even if he didn’t know where it would lead him.

The incident at the BET Awards highlighted the importance of clear communication and proper organization during live events. Both Taraji P. Henson and Keith Lee handled the situation with grace and professionalism, showcasing their resilience in the face of unexpected challenges. This serves as a reminder that even in moments of confusion, maintaining a positive attitude and resolving misunderstandings can lead to a successful outcome.