Tana Ramsay, the wife of famous TV chef Gordon Ramsay, recently opened up about her ongoing struggles with guilt and grief after losing her unborn son, Rocky, eight years ago. Tana, who has been married to Gordon for almost 30 years and is a mother of six, suffered a miscarriage at five months in 2016.

Despite the heartbreaking loss, the couple went on to have two more children, Oscar and baby son Jesse. However, Tana revealed that having more children after their loss triggered enormous feelings of guilt that she was not mourning Rocky enough. She described the tragedy as the biggest shock for her and her family, something she feels she can never get over.

Tana shared her inner turmoil on the Postcards from Midlife podcast, expressing her guilt and questioning if she could have done something differently to prevent the miscarriage. She admitted that some days are easier than others, but the pain and emotional turmoil still linger.

The couple, along with their children, openly talk about Rocky, with even young Oscar referring to him as his brother in the sky. Tana emphasized the importance of talking about their loss and not shying away from the topic, as it helped her and Gordon navigate through their grief together.

Despite the challenges, Tana and Gordon found solace in each other’s company and were able to lean on one another for support. Tana recalled a particularly emotional moment after giving birth to Oscar when she felt guilty for not grieving enough for Rocky. Gordon reassured her that it was normal to feel a mix of emotions and that grief comes in unexpected waves.

Tana’s candid sharing of her struggles serves as a reminder that grief is a complex and ongoing process. She highlighted the importance of communication and support within the family during times of loss and grief. As the Ramsay family continues to cherish the memories of Rocky while celebrating the joy of their other children, their journey serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of loss.