Susan Lucci recently shared an update on her health and personal life following the passing of her husband and undergoing two major heart surgeries. The 77-year-old actress opened up about her recovery and the challenges of moving forward after losing her husband, Helmut Huber. Lucci expressed that while she appreciates the love and memories she shared with her late husband, she is not ready to pursue a new romantic relationship at this time.

Reflecting on her marriage to Helmut Huber, Lucci highlighted the importance of finding a partner who complements you and provides support. She emphasized the role of humor, security, and mutual respect in their enduring relationship. Lucci also mentioned that she is grateful for the life she shared with her husband and the two children they raised together.

In addition to focusing on her personal well-being, Lucci is using her platform to raise awareness about heart disease, particularly in women. After experiencing heart-related health scares and undergoing two surgeries, Lucci is committed to encouraging women to prioritize their health and listen to their bodies. She emphasized the importance of seeking medical attention when experiencing unusual symptoms, as early detection can be life-saving.

Looking ahead, Lucci is excited about her upcoming project in Apple TV+’s dark comedy, Outcome, directed by Jonah Hill. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with talented individuals in the industry and immerse herself in a new creative endeavor. While the release date for the film is yet to be determined, Lucci is looking forward to sharing her work with audiences in the future.

As Lucci continues to navigate this new chapter of her life, she remains focused on self-care, advocacy, and pursuing meaningful projects that bring her joy and fulfillment. Her resilience and positive outlook serve as an inspiration to others facing health challenges and personal loss. Through her journey, Lucci reminds us of the importance of prioritizing our well-being and embracing new opportunities for growth and discovery.