The highly anticipated fifth season of Stranger Things has fans buzzing as star Maya Hawke hints at movie-length episodes. In a recent podcast interview, Maya revealed that the upcoming season will consist of “basically eight movies” with very long episodes, following the trend set by the previous season.

While some fans are excited about the prospect of longer episodes, others are feeling exhausted by the idea. After the marathon-like fourth season, which featured lengthy episodes and a two-part release, viewers took to social media to express their concerns about the trend of long episodes in TV shows.

Many fans find watching hour-long episodes to be a chore, especially when multiple episodes are released at once. Some have voiced their preference for shorter, standalone episodes that are easier to digest. Despite the mixed reactions, there is still a great deal of anticipation for the upcoming season.

It seems that the ongoing delays in filming the new season can be attributed to the extensive length of the episodes, which are being crafted like individual movies. While some fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the new season in 2025, others are wary of the potential exhaustion that may come with watching such lengthy episodes.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen how fans will react to the movie-length episodes of Stranger Things when the new season finally hits Netflix. Until then, viewers can catch up on previous seasons of the show on the streaming platform and join in on the speculation about what’s to come in season five.