Steve-O, the famous stuntman and comedian, recently shared his plans to get breast implants for the sake of comedy. In a podcast appearance, the 50-year-old revealed his idea to film hidden camera pranks and funny endurance stunts while in disguise with his new implants. He believes this concept will lead to hilarious videos and showcase his commitment to comedy.

Despite the unconventional nature of his decision, Steve-O is determined to go through with the breast augmentation procedure. He has consulted with doctors and scheduled an appointment, assuring fans that he will only keep the implants for a maximum of two months. The comedian expressed concerns about potential complications post-surgery, but the medical professionals have reassured him that there will be no issues once the implants are removed.

Steve-O’s penchant for body modification is well-known, as evidenced by his back tattoo and butt piercing. Embracing this aspect of his personality, he views the breast augmentation as another form of artistic expression and a bold commitment to his comedic craft. Taking to Instagram to announce his decision, he received mixed reactions from followers, with some supporting his choice and others urging him to reconsider.

While the exact date of the procedure remains unknown, fans are eager to see how this latest stunt will unfold. This isn’t the first time Steve-O has altered his appearance for comedic purposes, as earlier this year, he received an NSFW tattoo above his right eye from musician Post Malone as a birthday gift.

With his fearless attitude and dedication to entertainment, Steve-O continues to push the boundaries of comedy and self-expression. Whether you applaud his boldness or question his choices, there’s no denying that he remains one of the wildest and most unpredictable personalities in the industry. Stay tuned for more updates on Steve-O’s breast implant journey and the comedic content that is sure to follow.