SPOTIFY. Like every year, the Spotify streaming listening platform unveils the ranking of the most listened to artists, in France and around the world.

Who are the most listened to artists in France in 2022? Like every year, the streaming listening platform Spotify unveils Wrapped, the ranking of singers, singers, titles and podcasts most popular with users. Now the market leader in streaming, Spotify boasts more than 433 million subscribers worldwide, including 188 million with a premium subscription.

And for this eighth year of published rankings, Spotify’s Top Artists is, for the second time in a row, dominated by Marseille rapper Jul, boosted by his 26 albums, including two in 2022. He has also become the most popular French rapper. listened to on Spotify, with more than 5 billion (yes, billion) listens on the platform. He is followed, in the ranking of the most listened to artists of the year, by other rappers: Ninho, Gazo, Damso, PNL, Naps and Orelsan. Only international artist to appear in this top: The Weeknd, in ninth position (out of ten).

As for the most listened to tracks on Spotify in 2022, rap is still in the spotlight: Ninho squats first and fourth place with Jefe and VVS; Alonzo (also with Ninho), comes second in the Top 10 with Tout va bien, when Timal climbs to the third step of the podium with Filtré. Also note the presence of the PNL duo in two of the four categories of this Top Spotify, when their album Deux frères was released in… 2019. Finally, female artists are not left out with the last part of the ranking which is theirs. dedicated, with Angèle, Dua Lipa and Aya Nakamura in the top three.