Blaze, also known as Allison “Allie” Rogers, will be furious after seeing The Invader’s latest story and hearing the recording of Natalia Ramirez herself. Despite Natalia’s efforts to do damage control, Blaze will insist on knowing her mother’s true feelings, especially since it’s already been exposed on The Invader’s website. This will lead Blaze to storm out and seek out Kristina Corinthos-Davis for a discussion.

Meanwhile, Maxie Jones will become fed up with Natalia and the problems she’s causing for Deception. In a preview video for Tuesday’s episode, Maxie warns Blaze and Natalia to either get with the program or leave. Kristina and Alexis Davis will also have a lot to process after seeing the online drama unfold. With Alexis regaining her ability to practice law, she will confront Adrian DeWitt and issue some threats.

Kristina, on the other hand, will be concerned about the negative press surrounding the LGBTQIA+ center she’s planning to open. Natalia’s hurtful comments are causing unwanted attention that Kristina would have preferred to avoid. Meanwhile, Ava Jerome will receive a call from Adrian, but she will be cautious about letting him come to her door, especially after Alexis’s warnings.

Natalia is likely to suspect Ava’s involvement in the leaked recording and may eventually point the finger at her. In another development, Diane Miller will visit Sonny Corinthos, who will be enraged after learning about The Invader’s story. Sonny will express his anger over the publication and Natalia’s deceitful speech. He will also mention feeling targeted, possibly in relation to Ava’s warning and the upcoming custody battle.

As Sonny gets closer to uncovering Ava’s role in the leaked recording, the tension between them is expected to escalate. Predictions suggest that their conflict will become more dangerous in the following weeks. Ava will need to adjust her strategy as she faces opposition from both Alexis and Sonny. Fans can expect more twists and turns in the storyline as the feud intensifies.

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