Monster Thriller ‘Sob as Águas do Sena’ Sequel Coming to Netflix?

Monster movies have always had a significant impact on cinema. Just look at titles like Godzilla, King Kong, and Jurassic Park – now successful franchises – to understand the audience’s fascination with giant beasts has only grown over the years. And the latest proof of this is ‘Sob as Águas do Sena,’ a French thriller that arrived on Netflix on Wednesday. Surpassing productions like ‘As Cores do Mal: Vermelho’ and the sci-fi film ‘Atlas,’ the movie is currently at the top of the most-watched films ranking on the platform.

During the World Triathlon Championship, a huge shark is discovered in the waters of the Seine River. Faced with the imminent bloodbath, environmental activist Mika, scientist Sophia, and police chief Adil join forces to neutralize the beast and ensure the safety of the competitors and other residents of Paris.

Will ‘Sob as Águas do Sena’ have a sequel on Netflix? Warning: Spoilers ahead for ‘Sob as Águas do Sena.’ In the final moments of the film, after a series of massive explosions in the Seine, Paris is almost completely submerged in the river waters. Furthermore, the flood brings countless new sharks that take over the city, leaving Sophia and Adil completely stranded on top of a building.

Considering the success of the movie and the perfect setting for another chapter, a sequel would make sense. However, with the recent release, we will have to wait a little longer for Netflix to analyze the film’s performance and make a decision about its future.

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