This week on The Kardashians, the family delved into the topic of alien conspiracy theories while enjoying their trip to Aspen, Colorado. The discussion was sparked by an incident in Miami, Florida, where some believed aliens had visited a mall in January. While Kim, Khloé, and Kendall were quick to believe the story, mom Kris Jenner remained skeptical, questioning the lack of video evidence.

Khloé, a self-proclaimed lover of conspiracy theories, called up her brother Rob to get his opinion on the matter. Rob, who shares his sister’s fascination with aliens, shared his belief that there are seven species of aliens, with both good and bad intentions. However, Kris’ boyfriend, Corey Gamble, chimed in to correct Rob, stating that there are actually more than seven alien species.

Despite Corey’s input, Khloé jokingly hinted that she believes Corey himself might be an alien. Rob continued to share his theories, suggesting that aliens have been on Earth since the 1940s, to which Corey corrected him again, claiming it has been centuries. Rob, who has been absent from the family’s reality series, expressed interest in returning to the show in the future, with Khloé supporting his decision.

Although Rob has not physically appeared on the show, his conversations with Khloé have been recorded and shared with viewers. Additionally, his daughter Dream, whom he shares with Blac Chyna, has made appearances on the program. Fans can catch new episodes of The Kardashians streaming on Hulu every Thursday.

In addition to their alien conspiracy theories, the Kardashian family continues to captivate audiences with their personal lives and adventures. Whether it’s discussing extraterrestrial beings or navigating the ups and downs of fame, the Kardashians always bring excitement and entertainment to their viewers. Stay tuned for more updates on Celebrity News, TV, Fashion, and more exciting content related to the famous family.