Shirley Ballas, the head judge of Strictly Come Dancing, has made a public statement of support for Giovanni Pernice after he left the show due to allegations against him. Shirley expressed her unwavering loyalty to Giovanni, stating that she will stand by him forever. Despite Giovanni’s departure from the show, Shirley remains a steadfast friend and supporter.

In a recent dance workshop led by Giovanni, Shirley took the stage to teach a Jive and expressed her gratitude for being able to participate. She emphasized that she has known Giovanni for a decade and considers him a good friend. Shirley reassured the dancers in attendance that she will always be there for Giovanni, highlighting his positive qualities and genuine character.

Giovanni’s exit from Strictly Come Dancing came amidst allegations regarding his teaching methods, which he has denied. Shirley defended Giovanni, describing him as a hard worker who always strives for the best. She acknowledged the ongoing investigation into the allegations but emphasized the importance of waiting for the truth to come out before passing judgment.

Giovanni himself has rejected all allegations against him, stating that his ambition has always been to help his dance partners succeed. He expressed his love for the art of dance and his desire to see his partners achieve their full potential. Despite the challenges he has faced, Giovanni remains committed to his passion for dancing and supporting those around him.

As Shirley Ballas continues to show her support for Giovanni Pernice, the dance community stands by their side, awaiting the resolution of the ongoing investigation. Their bond, both on and off the dance floor, serves as a testament to the strength of their friendship and the power of loyalty in the face of adversity.