Shania Twain, the 58-year-old country music icon, made a stunning appearance at the Glastonbury festival. She graced the stage in a sparkly black minidress paired with a matching cowboy hat and boots, showcasing her age-defying figure. Shania entertained the crowd with her classic hits like I’m Gonna Getcha Good! and Still The One during her performance on the Pyramid stage.

In an exclusive interview, Shania’s tour band member, Lindsay Ell, revealed some interesting details about the singer’s rider. Ell mentioned that Shania’s rider includes items that make her feel at home and comfortable before going on stage, such as vegetables, fruits, protein bars, and local delicacies. Additionally, there is always a supply of Cadbury chocolate and good champagne in their dressing room.

Shania also expressed her excitement about performing at the iconic Glastonbury festival for the first time. She mentioned that she plans to explore the festival and soak in the experience. Shania even shared that she has a pair of baby pink wellies with horses on them, along with a cowboy hat, ready for the event.

Furthermore, Shania hinted at a possible appearance from Harry Styles during her performance at Glastonbury. She mentioned that if Harry attends the festival, she would love for him to join her on stage. Shania and Harry previously crossed paths at Coachella, where she was his guest, so a reunion at Glastonbury would be a treat for fans.

Overall, Shania Twain’s performance at Glastonbury was a memorable experience for both the singer and the festival-goers. Her timeless hits, stunning outfit, and potential surprise guest appearance added to the excitement of the event. Fans eagerly anticipated her performance and were not disappointed by the country music icon’s electrifying presence on stage.