Serena Williams recently shared a humorous anecdote about her first encounter with a $1 million check in a drive-thru ATM. The former tennis star explained during an episode of “Hot Ones” that she never played for money but rather for the love of the sport. When she received her first $1 million check, she attempted to deposit it through a drive-thru ATM, only to be told that she needed to go inside the bank.

This incident highlights Williams’ passion for tennis and her focus on winning rather than monetary rewards. She emphasized that she played to be the best and to achieve victory. Despite her success on the court, Williams revealed that she never spent a lot of money and viewed the sport as a way to constantly improve and strive for success.

In addition to her tennis career, Williams has been prioritizing her family life in recent years. After announcing her retirement from tennis in 2022 to focus on her daughters Olympia and Adira, she has been candid about her experiences as a mother. From using breast milk to heal sunburn to sharing her struggles with postpartum body changes, Williams has been open about the challenges and joys of motherhood.

Overall, Serena Williams’ story of attempting to cash a $1 million check at a drive-thru ATM offers a glimpse into her mindset as a tennis champion and her dedication to the sport. It also underscores her transition to focusing on family life and embracing the ups and downs of motherhood. Williams’ journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and parents alike, showcasing the importance of passion, perseverance, and personal growth.