Serena Williams recently shared a funny story during her appearance on the show “Hot Ones.” She talked about trying to deposit a $1 million check she earned from playing tennis at a drive-thru ATM. Serena mentioned that she never played for money but rather for the love of the sport and the desire to win.

Despite earning her first $1 million, Serena admitted that she wasn’t used to spending a lot of money before becoming a professional athlete. She recalled moments where her tax guy had to remind her about payments she had forgotten in different cities.

When she received her million-dollar check, Serena decided to deposit it at a drive-thru ATM. However, the bank teller advised her to come inside to complete the transaction. Serena, who retired from tennis in 2022, prioritizes her family over her tennis career. She and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, have been trying to have another child, and Serena feels at ease knowing they can expand their family when they are ready. Serena’s decision to focus on her family reflects her values and priorities beyond her successful tennis career.