Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans are in for a treat as a new character is set to shake things up in Salem. Serena Scott Thomas will be making her debut as Fiona Cook, Xander’s long-lost mother, on July 19. Fiona’s arrival is sure to bring a mix of humor and drama to the show.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers can expect to see Fiona trying to reconnect with her estranged son, Xander. Despite their rocky past, Fiona is determined to patch things up with Xander and be a part of his life. However, her bold personality and no-nonsense attitude may cause some tension between the two.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Fiona’s return is how her presence will impact Xander’s potential inheritance. As Victor Kiriakis’ biological son, Xander is in line to inherit a massive fortune. Will Fiona’s reappearance complicate things for Xander, or will it bring them closer together?

Serena Scott Thomas, who plays Fiona, has hinted at her character’s unique style and personality. Fiona is described as being “large and in charge, with a twinkle in her eye.” It’s clear that Fiona will make a lasting impression on the residents of Salem and viewers alike.

In a recent interview, Serena Scott Thomas shared her excitement about joining the cast of DOOL and teased that Fiona’s storyline is “such a hoot.” She also revealed that she quickly formed a bond with her on-screen son, Paul Telfer, who plays Xander. Their chemistry is sure to make Fiona and Xander’s reunion all the more compelling to watch.

As Fiona’s story unfolds, fans can expect to see a mix of humor and drama as she navigates her relationship with Xander and the Kiriakis family. Sarah, Xander’s fiancĂ©e, will also play a role in helping Fiona and Xander mend their relationship. Will Fiona’s presence bring some much-needed positive news for the family?

With Fiona’s grand entrance just around the corner, DOOL viewers won’t want to miss a minute of the action. Stay tuned for updates on Fiona and Xander’s journey towards reconciliation, as well as all the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, predictions, news, and updates. CDL is your go-to source for all things DOOL, so be sure to check back for more exciting developments in Salem.