Love Is Blind stars Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary and sat down for an exclusive interview with OK! to share their insights on maintaining a successful marriage. The couple, who won Netflix’s Cutest Couple award, emphasized the importance of prioritizing romance and intimacy in a relationship, regardless of how long partners have been together.

Lauren stressed the significance of going on dates and continuing to explore new experiences with each other to keep the spark alive. She humorously mentioned that even after 50 years of marriage, she expects Cameron to take her out on a date. Cameron echoed her sentiments, highlighting the importance of not becoming complacent in a relationship and having open, honest conversations about any issues that may arise.

One way the couple keeps their chemistry alive is by renewing their vows in a unique and memorable way. For their fifth anniversary, they considered a cheesy Elvis-style wedding at a drive-through chapel in Vegas, followed by a concert by Usher. Ultimately, they settled on celebrating in Vegas to mark the milestone and reflect on the years they have spent together.

Looking ahead, Lauren and Cameron have exciting plans for the future. They are launching a podcast called “The Love Seat” and Lauren’s nonprofit organization, the Eddie Mae Robbie Foundation, is set to debut later this year. Additionally, the couple hinted at a potential return to television, indicating that it is a top priority for them.

Their story serves as an inspiration for couples seeking to maintain a strong and loving relationship. By prioritizing communication, shared experiences, and ongoing romance, Lauren and Cameron have demonstrated that love truly is blind and can withstand the test of time. Stay tuned to see what the future holds for this dynamic duo as they continue to make waves in the world of entertainment and beyond.