Scarlett Johansson recently had high praises for her co-star, Channing Tatum, and his fiancée, Zoë Kravitz, calling them one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. The actress spoke with ET at the premiere of their new film, Fly Me to the Moon, in New York, where she couldn’t stop gushing about the pair.

Johansson described Tatum as a warm, charismatic, and professional person who is loved by everyone on set. She also mentioned that he has a playful side and loves to joke around. As for Kravitz, Johansson commended her for being a wonderful and beautiful person inside and out.

The couple first met in 2021 while working on a film together and got engaged in October 2023 after two years of dating. Despite being private about their relationship, Tatum once admitted to following numerous Instagram fan accounts for Kravitz, showing his adoration for her.

At the premiere of Fly Me to the Moon, Johansson attended with her husband, Colin Jost, whom she married in 2020. The couple shares a son together, Cosmo, and Johansson also has a daughter from a previous relationship. In addition to starring in the film, Johansson also worked as a producer on the project, which tells the story of a romantic relationship during the 1960s Space Race.

Johansson expressed her hope that viewers will enjoy the original concept of the film and find it refreshing in a time where original stories are becoming less common in Hollywood. Fly Me to the Moon also features a star-studded cast including Ray Romano, Woody Harrelson, Jim Rash, and Anna Garcia, and is set to hit theaters on July 12.

Overall, Johansson’s admiration for Tatum and Kravitz’s relationship, as well as her excitement for the new film, showcases her passion for storytelling and bringing unique projects to the big screen. It’s clear that she values authenticity and hopes to inspire audiences with her work in the entertainment industry.