Sarper’s financial struggles were laid bare on the latest episode of ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.’ The reality star opened up about his dire financial situation, attributing it to his girlfriend Shekinah’s jealousy and controlling behavior. Despite their tumultuous relationship, Shekinah is determined to move to Turkey to be with Sarper, even though her loved ones disapprove of their dynamic.

During the episode, Shekinah and Sarper engaged in a role-playing scenario in which she portrayed a secretary and he played her boss. The couple discussed their difficulties in managing their finances in Turkey, with Shekinah unable to work as an esthetician in the country. As a result, she had been staying in Los Angeles for the past three months, working to support herself and visiting her daughter when possible.

The couple’s relationship was further strained by Shekinah’s possessiveness and Sarper’s past history of sleeping with multiple women. Despite his efforts to change and make Shekinah happy, Sarper expressed frustration at her unrelenting demands and controlling behavior. He revealed that he was financially strained due to a significant decrease in his income, with Shekinah prohibiting him from training female clients, who comprised the majority of his clientele.

Looking ahead, Shekinah expressed a desire to return to Turkey to reunite with Sarper, emphasizing the need for consistency and loyalty in their relationship. Meanwhile, Sarper acknowledged the need for Shekinah to reassess her expectations and demands, highlighting the strain her behavior was placing on their partnership.

The episode shed light on the challenges faced by the couple as they navigate cultural differences, financial constraints, and personal insecurities. Despite their love for each other, Shekinah and Sarper must confront their issues head-on and work towards a healthier, more balanced relationship. Only time will tell if they can overcome their obstacles and build a stable and fulfilling future together.