Emmerdale fans have been on the edge of their seats as they watch the drama unfold with Samson Dingle. The character, portrayed by Sam Hall, has been involved in some intense moments recently, especially when he and his friend Josh Cope threatened Matty during a robbery at The Hide. The situation took a serious turn when Josh pushed Samson into Matty, causing Samson to get stabbed with a knife. To make matters worse, Josh convinced Samson to falsely accuse Matty of intentionally stabbing him, leading to Matty being sent to prison.

While in prison, Matty faced threats and violence from other inmates, but found an unexpected ally in his cellmate Les. However, things took a shocking turn when Les was released from prison and Matty ended up in the hospital after a beating. It was revealed that Les was the one who attacked him, as Matty had asked him to do so in order to get a break from prison.

Fans are now speculating that Les will take matters into his own hands and confront Samson for his role in the events that led to Matty’s imprisonment. Viewers have taken to social media to share their theories, with many believing that Les will come to the Dales to seek justice. Some fans are hoping for a confrontation between Les, Samson, and his friend, with the expectation that they will be held accountable for their actions.

The anticipation is high among Emmerdale viewers as they wait to see how the storyline will unfold and whether Samson will finally face the consequences of his actions. With Les potentially seeking revenge on his behalf, the drama is sure to intensify in the coming episodes. Stay tuned to see how this gripping storyline plays out in the world of Emmerdale.