Sam Wood’s Wellness Revolution: Featured in House of Wellness Magazine

Impact PR successfully secures the cover story for fitness entrepreneur Sam Wood in Chemist Warehouse’s House of Wellness magazine, showcasing the power of public relations in the retail sector. This editorial features Sam’s introduction into the New Zealand market and is prominently displayed in print, in-store posters, and on

In the article, celebrity personal trainer Sam Wood discusses various aspects of health and fitness, including DNA profiling, the benefits of ice baths, and the significant changes in men’s health post-Covid. Despite his busy schedule running a health and fitness empire, Sam maintains a simple exercise routine involving strength training, home workouts, and regular movement activities.

During his recent visit to New Zealand, Sam launched the 28 by Sam Wood home workout app, designed to provide users with quick and effective exercise routines, healthy recipes, and mindfulness practices. The app aims to make fitness accessible and convenient for individuals with busy schedules, offering guided workouts that can be completed in under 28 minutes.

In addition to the app, Sam is excited about the release of his protein-based product line, 28GO, which aims to support muscle health, weight management, and overall wellness. He emphasizes the importance of protein in maintaining energy levels and promoting physical well-being.

Sam also highlights the growing awareness of mental health and mindfulness, particularly among men, noting a positive shift towards open conversations and vulnerability. He encourages men to prioritize fitness habits over traditional social activities like drinking, emphasizing the benefits of physical exercise for mental well-being.

Furthermore, Sam discusses the benefits of cold therapy, such as ice baths, as a way to improve mental clarity and focus. He predicts that DNA profiling will be the next big trend in wellness, allowing for personalized diet and exercise programs based on genetic information.

Overall, Sam’s journey towards holistic health and fitness reflects a balanced approach to physical and mental well-being, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s body and mind connection. Written by Bianca Zander for the June 2024 issue of House of Wellness magazine.