Sabrina Carpenter Collaborates with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream for New Flavor

Sabrina Carpenter, the popular singer, has recently partnered with the renowned ice cream brand Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to introduce a new summer flavor inspired by her hit song ‘Espresso’. The announcement was made by Carpenter herself on her Instagram stories on June 8, where she revealed the release date of the collaboration as June 28th.

The limited edition ice cream, featuring a photo of Carpenter on the packaging, combines swirls of coffee and chocolate to create a unique and delicious flavor. During the reveal, Carpenter playfully referenced the lyrics of her song, describing the ice cream as “sweet” just like her music.

This exciting collaboration with Van Leeuwen comes shortly after Carpenter shared the news of her upcoming album, ‘Short n’ Sweet’, set to be released on August 23. Fans can look forward to enjoying both the singer’s new music and her delectable ice cream creation this summer.