Rylan Clark, a 35-year-old TV presenter, appeared on the latest episode of Celebrity Gogglebox with his mother Linda Clark. They watched various shows, including Love Island and The Yorkshire Vet, as well as footage from the recent Glastonbury Festival. During Shania Twain’s performance at the festival, Rylan expressed his admiration for performers at Glastonbury, to which his mother bluntly responded that he would never perform there.

Rylan was taken aback by his mother’s comment, but he jokingly replied that it was nice to see she had faith in him. Shania Twain faced sound issues during her set at Glastonbury, with viewers expressing frustration over the technical difficulties. Lindsay Ell, who was on stage with Shania, mentioned that live broadcasts can have challenges with sound checks and setups, but praised Shania for handling the situation like a professional.

Despite the sound issues, Shania’s performance was well-received, and fans commended her for her professionalism and experience in handling such situations. The mother-son duo on Celebrity Gogglebox provided entertaining commentary on various shows and events, showcasing their close relationship and sense of humor.

While Rylan may not perform at Glastonbury anytime soon, his interactions with his mother on the show highlight the bond between them and add a personal touch to their appearances on Celebrity Gogglebox. The episode offered viewers a glimpse into their dynamic and humorous exchanges, making it a fun and engaging watch for fans of the show.