Ryan Garcia, the young boxer who made a name for himself in the boxing world, has had a rollercoaster career that recently took a dark turn. Let’s delve into some key facts about Ryan and his journey in the sport.

Ryan Garcia first entered the professional boxing scene at the young age of 17 in 2016. His debut fight against Edgar Meza ended in a TKO victory, and he soon signed with Golden Boy Promotions. This marked the beginning of a promising career for the young fighter.

Hailing from Victorville, California, Ryan comes from a supportive family who has been by his side throughout his boxing career. His father even served as one of his trainers, while his mother took on the role of his Personal Administrative Assistant. In 2019, Ryan became a father himself when he welcomed daughter Rylie with Catherine Gomez. The following year, he had another daughter named Bela with ex-wife Andrea Celina, with whom he also shares a son named Henry.

Over the course of his career, Ryan Garcia has fought in a total of 26 matches, emerging victorious in 24 of them. Impressively, he secured 20 of those wins by TKO, showcasing his skill and power in the ring.

In a surprising turn of events in 2022, Ryan decided to expand his training regimen by venturing into the world of jiu-jitsu alongside his professional boxing pursuits. This move demonstrated his dedication to improving his skills and exploring new avenues within the combat sports realm.

However, Ryan’s career hit a major roadblock in July 2024 when he was expelled from the World Boxing Council (WBC) due to a series of racist and derogatory remarks he made on social media. The WBC took a strong stance against discrimination and decided to sever ties with Ryan following his offensive comments.

In response to the backlash, Ryan posted a tweet where he claimed to have been trolling and expressed a desire for an end to violence. Despite issuing an apology, the damage had been done, and the WBC stood firm in its decision to expel him from the organization.

Ryan’s family also released a statement acknowledging his struggles with mental health and emphasizing that his controversial statements did not align with his true character or upbringing. They pledged their support in ensuring that Ryan receives the necessary help to navigate this challenging period and address his well-being in both the short and long term.

As Ryan Garcia navigates this tumultuous chapter in his career, it serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of accountability, mental health awareness, and the repercussions of one’s words and actions in the public eye. Despite the setbacks he has faced, there is hope that Ryan will emerge from this experience with a newfound understanding and resilience as he continues his journey in the world of boxing.