Ruth Langsford Disheartened by Speculations Surrounding Split with Eamonn Holmes

Ruth Langsford has expressed her disappointment over rumors suggesting that her separation from Eamonn Holmes was primarily due to his health problems. The couple, both aged 64, recently announced their decision to divorce after 14 years of marriage and 27 years together. Eamonn has faced various health issues in recent years, such as severe back pain and shingles, with Ruth providing unwavering support throughout.

Contrary to the speculations, it has been reported that a friend of Ruth’s claimed she was devastated upon discovering messages from another woman on Eamonn’s laptop, which allegedly triggered their split. Eamonn underwent a double-hip replacement surgery in 2016 and battled shingles in 2018, followed by chronic back pain that culminated in vital back surgery in 2022.

While Ruth remains hopeful for Eamonn’s recovery, she acknowledges the challenges of being a caregiver and emphasizes the importance of health. Reports of Eamonn’s friendship with a woman in her forties have surfaced, leading to Ruth taking an extended break from Loose Women. Despite their impending divorce, the couple is committed to an amicable separation and are reportedly discussing custody arrangements for their dog, Maggie.

Eamonn and Ruth, who share a son named Jack, have been in discussions regarding their future as friends following their split. The couple’s dedication to maintaining a positive relationship reflects their mutual respect and consideration for each other’s well-being amidst this challenging time.