Robbie Williams, the famous singer, shocked fans at his recent BST Hyde Park concert by sharing some outrageous confessions of his past sexual encounters with fans. During the sellout gig, Robbie pointed to members of the audience and joked about his attempts to bed them individually, even teasing one lady that he remembered her from his wild days in the 90s.

Despite now being happily married to his wife Ayda Field and having four kids, Robbie’s fans at the concert seemed just as wild for him as they were at the beginning of his career. One female fan even got a bit handsy with Robbie’s private parts, leading him to joke about the incident on stage.

During the concert, Robbie also reflected on his time with Take That, the band that initially brought him fame. He shared his growing upset with bandmate Gary Barlow for singing most of the songs, which eventually led him to break free and pursue a solo career. Despite any past animosity, Robbie performed Take That’s hit song “Back For Good” and had the crowd cheer for each of his former bandmates, showing that any conflicts have been resolved.

However, not all old feuds have been forgotten, as there is still some tension between Robbie and Oasis musician Noel Gallagher. After being insulted by Noel in the past, Robbie took the opportunity for a little revenge by including a small cardboard cut-out of Noel in his entrance film at the concert. He humorously patted the miniature Noel on the head, poking fun at the rocker’s stature.

Robbie’s BST Hyde Park concert marked a significant milestone in his 25-year solo career, where he entertained fans with his music and playful banter. Despite his outrageous confessions and playful jabs at former bandmates, Robbie’s performance was a testament to his enduring popularity and showmanship.