STRIKE 8 MARCH. The management of the RATP announced the first estimates of the disruptions on the metro, RER, tram and bus network on Wednesday March 8, the day after the 6th strike against the pension reform.

[Updated March 7, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.] In the aftermath of Black Tuesday against the pension reform, will Ile-de-France users be able to breathe or, on the contrary, will they have to continue to use alternative transport or even stay in telework? “Traffic for the day of Wednesday March 8 should be improved compared to the day of March 7 with almost normal traffic on the bus network and normal on the tram network”, announced the management of the RATP this Monday around from 5 p.m. on the official RATP website. However, traffic should still be “very disrupted” on the metro and RER networks.

“The company will be able to communicate its forecasts more precisely tomorrow before 12 p.m.” added the management of the RATP. On the SNCF side, the same will apply to the network of all RER and Transiliens managed by the railway company in the Paris suburbs, because Transilien SNCF announced via a press release on Monday evening that “traffic will remain very severely disrupted Wednesday, March 8, 2023”.

Until now and since this year 2023, traffic had never been disrupted the day after the main day of the strike against the pension reform. And while we are on the 6th strike, can we think that the social movement will finally gain momentum? As a reminder, the strike could be easily renewed at the RATP thanks to an “unlimited duration” strike notice filed in December 2019 by the RATP unions against the pension reform.