RATP STRIKE 6 APRIL. Metro lines, RER, buses and trams in Paris have returned to normal traffic since the last day of mobilization against the pension reform. What follow-up will be given on April 6 at the RATP?

The renewable strike against the pension reform which threatens newcomers is withering day by day at the RATP. Indeed, it is clear that the strikers have taken a break since the last call for interprofessional mobilization. To date, all metros, trams and buses have returned to completely normal traffic. The same is true for RER A and B partly managed by RATP.

If the strike movement was followed at the RATP on Tuesday March 28, like the previous days of mobilization, doubt remains with regard to the day of Thursday April 6, the date on which the eight main French unions are calling for a new day of mobilization against the pension reform.

Several tools are available on the Web to find out about upcoming traffic disruptions at RATP. To know the traffic status of the metro, RER, bus, tram in real time, with the stations possibly closed today, consult the RATP traffic info. For the RER, you can also follow the Twitter accounts @RERA, @RERB, @RERC, @RERD or @RERE. To follow train traffic in real time, visit the Transilien website.