The facts allegedly occurred over 13 years, between 2005 and 2018, while rapper P.Diddy and singer Cassie were a couple.

Rapper, producer, billionaire and hip-hop star, P.Diddy, is accused of rape and physical violence by Cassie, his ex-girlfriend, according to the New York Times. The R’n’B singer filed a complaint, while P.Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, “fiercely” denies these accusations. “After years of silence and darkness, I am finally ready to tell my story,” Cassie announced in a statement.

American justice has unveiled a 35-page file in which Casandra Ventura (Cassie’s real name) recounts “deviant behavior” and “sexual and psychological violence” suffered over 13 years, between 2005 and 2018. “Mr. Combs raped Ms. Ventura in her home after she tried to leave him” in 2018, the document reads. According to the singer, Puff Daddy forced her to have sex with men paid by the rapper. She was also allegedly forced to consume drugs. And the accusations don’t stop there. The American star, 17 years her senior, would have “often punched, kicked, slapped, stomped”, says Cassie, who would have had “bruises, burst lips, black eyes and bleeding”.

Douglas Wigdor, barrister and attorney for the “Me and You” singer, says “no human being should have to endure what Ms. Ventura endured.” For his part, Ben Brafman, P.Diddy’s lawyer, described these accusations as “insulting and scandalous”. He assures that Cassie would have been blackmailed and demanded 30 million euros not to reveal the story, “under the threat of writing a damaging book about their relationship”. Claim refuted by Casandra Ventura’s lawyers. According to them, it was the rapper who offered an “eight-figure sum” to avoid filing a complaint.