Prime Video Ranking: Top 10 Most Watched Movies Today by the American Audience

In a fast-paced world, choosing what to watch has become a titanic task. Streaming platforms offer users comedies, dramas, action, or horror, making it possible to always find something that is personally pleasing or in line with the mood. With no transmission schedules, it is possible to watch content on the couch and even on public transport.

1. Die Hart 2: Die Harter
Hart wants to solidify his legacy as the greatest action star of all time. He has developed a concept for a revolutionary film where the action is so unpredictable and scriptless that not even Kevin will know what will happen next. But Kevin’s vision comes with a blind spot and he soon falls victim to a wicked revenge plot orchestrated by someone from his past.

2. The Boys in the Boat
A story set in the 1930s centered on the University of Washington rowing team, from its beginnings in the Depression era to winning gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

3. Mean Girls
A young teenager, Cady, used to living in Africa with her parents, zoologists, finds herself in a new jungle when she moves to Illinois. There she attends public school, where she falls in love with the ex-boyfriend of the most popular girl in school. The girls will start making life impossible for Cady, and she will have no choice but to use their own tactics to stay afloat.

4. The Blue Angels
The veterans and new recruits of the Navy and Marine Corps flight squadron undergo intense training and embark on a heart-stopping air art season.

5. The Idea of You
Solène, a 40-year-old single mother, begins an unexpected romance with 24-year-old Hayes Campbell, the lead singer of August Moon, the planet’s most popular boy band.

6. Skyfall
In Skyfall, James Bond’s loyalty to M will be tested when M’s past comes back to haunt her. Her life will be in danger, so Agent 007 must locate and eliminate the threat, no matter the personal price he will have to pay.

7. Road House
Dalton has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, but has chosen to make a living as a bouncer at bars, a well-paid profession. Hired to maintain order at the Double Deuce in Jasper, Missouri, he is injured on his first night at the bar and is treated by “Doc” Clay, a beautiful local doctor. He soon falls in love with her, but another man stands between them: Brad Wesley, an extortionist and mob boss.

8. Dangerous
A reformed sociopath heads to a remote island after his brother’s death. Shortly after his arrival, the island comes under siege by a deadly gang of mercenaries, and when he discovers his role in his brother’s disappearance, he embarks on a relentless quest for revenge.

9. Minions: The Rise of Gru
Long before becoming a supervillain, Gru was just a 12-year-old boy in the 1970s trying to conquer the world from the basement of his suburban home. When Gru crosses paths with Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and Otto a new Minion with braces and desperate to feel accepted, this unexpected family will join forces to build their first lair, design their first weapons, and carry out their first missions.

10. Murder in the Hamptons
*Some titles may repeat in the ranking due to being different episodes, seasons, or installments, and descriptions may not be provided because the platform does not provide them.

Amazon is an American e-commerce company that has also entered the streaming battle with Prime Video. Prime Video is one of the most popular video services in the world, available in several countries through an Amazon Prime subscription.

The advantage of this platform is that, in addition to offering series and movies, it also provides users with free shipping and the use of their Prime Music platforms, with music and podcasts, and Prime Gaming, where there are exclusive games as well as a monthly subscription to a Twitch channel.

Although Prime Video mainly offers content from Amazon Studios, it also allows its users to enjoy acquired content, but its catalog is smaller than that of other major platforms in the market such as Netflix and Disney+.

Some of its original productions have received Oscar nominations, highlighting the film Sound of Metal, which has won two awards for Best Editing and Best Sound. Today it has more than 200 million users. Among other titles that can be enjoyed are Maradona: Sueño Bendito, The Wheel of Time, and The Rings of Power, based on J.R. Tolkien’s saga, The Lord of the Rings.