Metroid Dread’s Quiet Robe: A Unique Language Adaptation

Stephen Hughes, assistant voice director for Metroid Dread and the voice of the Chozo character Quiet Robe, recently discussed the challenges of adapting a new language for the game on the Kiwi Talkz podcast. The language used for Quiet Robe was based on English syntax, allowing for a more natural flow in the dialogue recording process. This decision made it easier for Hughes to understand the placement of words and convey nuances in his lines.

Learning a new language involves more than just memorizing words; sentence structures can vary significantly between languages. By basing Quiet Robe’s language on English syntax, the developers at MercurySteam provided Hughes with a familiar framework to work with, alleviating the need to navigate both new vocabulary and unfamiliar sentence structures.

Quiet Robe’s appearance in Metroid Dread left an impression on players. What are your thoughts on Quiet Robe and the use of Chozo language in the game? Do you hope to see similar linguistic adaptations in future Metroid titles?

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