Rachel Shenton, known for her role in All Creatures Great and Small, has nothing but praise for her co-star, Imogen Clawson, who plays Jenny Alderson on the show. Imogen joined the series at the young age of 13, making her acting debut. Rachel shared that it has been a joy to see Imogen grow both on and off-screen, even joking about Imogen being taller than her now.

The bond between the two actresses goes beyond the screen, as they often hang out together and grab meals at places like Nando’s. Rachel describes Imogen as “gorgeous” and a pleasure to work with. In the latest season of the show, viewers were delighted to see Helen give birth in a festive special, with her husband James Herriot away for RAF training.

Despite some challenges and mishaps, James was able to return home briefly to meet his newborn son, also named James. The emotional scenes depicted the couple’s love and the reality of James having to return to his duties. The show has been renewed for two more seasons, much to the delight of fans. Tristan Farnon, a fan-favorite character, will also be returning to the series after an emotional exit in season three.

All Creatures Great and Small continues to captivate audiences with its heartwarming stories and beloved characters. Fans can catch the show on My5 and enjoy the adventures of the residents of Darrowby. The enduring success of the series is a testament to the talented cast and crew who bring these timeless stories to life.