MAFS Couple Opens Up About Shock Exit

Married At First Sight NZ experienced its first exit as Madeleine Gilbert and Nathaniel Drury decided to end their marriage and time in the experiment. The couple spoke out about their experience and revealed the current status of their relationship.

During last night’s episode, tears were shed as Gilbert and Drury announced their departure just two weeks into the experiment. They arrived at the dinner party individually and tearfully shared their decision with the other contestants.

Gilbert candidly expressed that there is no friendship between them now and she is uncertain if there will be one in the future. She emphasized the importance of aligning with someone who helps them grow as individuals.

Drury, on the other hand, found it challenging to connect with Gilbert and felt that she was only interested in getting to know him on camera. He highlighted the lack of spark in their relationship, which made it difficult to continue.

Despite their efforts, the couple realized that their physical, emotional, and mental connection was lacking, leading to their decision to part ways. Gilbert mentioned that she needs time to heal from the experience but remains open to the possibility of rebuilding a friendship with Drury.

Drury acknowledged that participating in MAFS was a challenging experience but expressed no regrets. He emphasized the importance of self-discovery and growth through the process.

The couple’s decision to leave the experiment was not surprising, as they had been struggling to find a connection since their return from the honeymoon. After a candid conversation where Gilbert expressed her struggles, experts intervened to help them navigate their relationship.

Ultimately, Gilbert and Drury decided to end their marriage, acknowledging that they were not the right fit for each other. They left the experiment with a mutual understanding and respect for each other’s journey.

Despite the outcome, both Gilbert and Drury value the experience and the opportunity to learn more about themselves and what they are looking for in a partner.

Married At First Sight New Zealand airs on Three and ThreeNow every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Lillie Rohan is a London-based reporter covering lifestyle and entertainment stories who joined the Herald in 2020. She specializes in all things relationships and dating.