Prince William is determined to keep his family away from his estranged brother, Prince Harry. The Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex have not spoken in years, and Meghan Markle has not been in the U.K. since 2022. According to reports, William has shut the door of Adelaide Cottage and does not want Harry and Meghan to be a part of his family.

Former royal aide Paul Burrell, who worked for Princess Diana, mentioned that William sees Harry as “background noise” and does not trust him. Burrell also stated that William is sensitive and prefers structure, making it easier for him to cut ties with Harry rather than deal with continuous annoyance.

Ingrid Seward, a veteran royal author, shared insights into William’s character, highlighting his perseverance and strength during difficult times. She mentioned that William had to take on the role of both mother and father to his children while supporting the Queen in his father’s absence due to illness. The challenges of the past year have made William a stronger person, embodying the qualities that Diana had always hoped for him.

Princes Harry and William used to be close growing up, but insiders reveal that they have not spoken since Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral in September 2022. Despite reports of a brief meeting between Harry and his father after King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, the rift between the brothers remains.

It is suggested that Diana, Princess of Wales, would have never allowed such a divide to occur between her sons. However, the strained relationship between William and Harry seems to persist, with William determined to keep his family away from any further disruptions caused by his brother’s actions.

In conclusion, William’s decision to distance himself from Harry reflects his commitment to protect his family and maintain stability within the royal household. The complexities of their relationship reveal the challenges faced by the royal family behind the scenes, highlighting the personal struggles and sacrifices made by its members.