Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is rumored to be planning his own version of Megxit, away from the influence of Meghan Markle. According to royal author Hugo Vickers, the Duke is said to be filled with anger and fear of losing Meghan, but this dysfunctional situation cannot go on much longer.

Vickers predicts that Prince Harry may eventually return to the United Kingdom, despite his current tight bond with Meghan. He believes that King Charles III would welcome his son back with open arms, as Harry seemed happy and fulfilled before his departure.

The royal expert also raised concerns about Meghan Markle’s impact on the royal family, hinting that her arrival could be a bigger crisis than even the death of Princess Diana. Vickers also emphasized the stress Meghan put on the late Queen in her final years, suggesting that her influence on Harry may not be entirely positive.

While many believe that Harry and Meghan’s relationship is strong at the moment, there are doubts about its long-term sustainability. Some analysts speculate that the couple may eventually divorce, with Meghan being the one to make that decision.

Despite receiving the Pat Tillman Award for his work with the Invictus Games, experts suggest that Prince Harry may be feeling bored in the United States. Since the couple has not visited the UK together since Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral in 2022, there are doubts about whether Meghan will ever return to Britain.

Overall, Prince Harry’s potential departure from Meghan’s influence and his return to the UK remain uncertain, but many are keeping a close eye on how this royal drama will unfold in the coming years.