Prince Harry is no longer a working member of the British royal family, and some insiders claim he is “permanently banned” from senior royal life thanks to “spilling royal secrets.” But there is one thing the scandal-ridden Duke could do to try and re-enter Palace gates — but could he ever bring himself to fulfill this task?

Prince Harry celebrated a legal win in his case against the Mirror Group. However, to make a royal comeback, he may need to make a public statement acknowledging his past mistakes and expressing regret. Grant Harrold, King Charles III’s ex-butler, believes that this could be a crucial step for Harry, but it remains uncertain if the Duke would be willing to take such a step.

In the history of the House of Windsor, divulging details about royal life in exchange for money has always been strictly forbidden. Those who have breached this rule, such as Marion Crawford, the former governess to Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, faced severe consequences, including being completely cut off from royal life. The case of Edward and Wallis Simpson, who were also frozen out after Edward’s abdication to marry Wallis, serves as another example of the repercussions of going against royal protocols.

Unlike past instances, Harry and Meghan Markle’s situation is unique. Their success story and independence from the royal family give them a different kind of leverage. Despite Buckingham Palace’s preference for their retirement into obscurity, the couple’s busy schedule and public appearances continue to draw attention. The constant output from Harry and Meghan is seen as chaotic by British royal courtiers, but as private citizens, they have the freedom to pursue their own endeavors.

The prospect of Harry and Meghan embarking on a world tour, as speculated by some, is a cause of concern for Buckingham Palace as it could potentially set up a rival royal court. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already faced challenges in Hollywood, and their presence in the public eye remains a topic of interest for many observers.

While the path to a royal comeback for Prince Harry may seem daunting, the possibility of acknowledging past mistakes and moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose could be the key to rebuilding his reputation within the royal family. Only time will tell if Harry will take the necessary steps to launch his comeback and re-establish his place within the royal fold.