President Joe Biden, 81, has been under scrutiny after exhibiting gaffes and slip-ups, leading to speculation about his health. Dr. Tom Pitts, a board-certified neurologist, has raised concerns about the president’s condition, suggesting that he shows classic features of neurodegeneration, such as word-finding difficulties. Despite Biden’s long-standing stutter, Pitts believes that his repeated physical behaviors indicate a more serious underlying issue. He even went as far as to claim that he could have diagnosed Biden from across the mall.

The White House has faced questions about Biden’s health, with reports of a Parkinson’s expert visiting recently. However, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has refused to provide further details, citing privacy and security concerns. She emphasized that the White House Medical Unit hosts a variety of specialists, including neurologists, and it is essential to protect the privacy of all individuals receiving care.

Despite the speculation and claims made by Dr. Pitts, Biden denied having Parkinson’s disease. The president underwent a physical examination in February, with the results indicating no signs of Parkinson’s. Jean-Pierre defended Biden’s health, stating that he has only seen a neurologist three times and that the information is publicly available in the White House visitor logs.

During a press briefing, tensions rose as reporters pressed Jean-Pierre for more information, but she remained steadfast in protecting the privacy of individuals receiving medical care at the White House. Despite the insistence of reporters, Jean-Pierre reiterated the need for confidentiality and security measures, refusing to confirm or disclose any names.

The ongoing speculation surrounding President Biden’s health highlights the complex intersection of politics, privacy, and public perception. As the 2024 election approaches, questions about the president’s well-being continue to swirl, prompting debates about transparency and accountability in the highest office. While the White House maintains that Biden is in good health, the public and the media remain vigilant in seeking answers and clarity on this pressing issue.