Preschool Teacher Saves Student’s Life with Liver Donation

Carissa Fisher, a 20-year-old preschool teacher, came across a heartbreaking post on Facebook about one of her former students, 5-year-old Ezra Toczek, who was in urgent need of a liver transplant due to end-stage liver disease. Without hesitation, Fisher decided to step up and donate a part of her liver to save Ezra’s life.

Fisher first met Ezra in 2022 when he was in foster care and had various health issues, including chronic liver disease. Despite his challenges, the bond between Fisher and Ezra was strong, and she knew she had to help him in any way she could.

After undergoing a series of medical evaluations, Fisher was approved to be a living liver donor for Ezra. The transplant procedure, which is expected to take place at the end of July, carries risks for both the donor and the recipient, but the success rate for living donor liver transplants is around 90 percent.

Upon receiving the news of Fisher’s match, she surprised Ezra and his family with the good news, bringing joy and hope to their lives. Fisher’s selfless act has not only saved Ezra’s life but also inspired others to consider organ donation and helping those in need.

Both Fisher and Ezra will have a long road to recovery following the surgery, but the outcome is expected to be positive. With the support of their families and the community, they are ready to face the challenges ahead and look forward to a brighter future together.

Carissa Fisher is a dedicated preschool teacher who made headlines for her selfless act of donating a part of her liver to save the life of her former student, 5-year-old Ezra Toczek. Fisher’s compassionate gesture has touched the hearts of many and serves as a reminder of the power of kindness and generosity.