Journalist Maggie Haberman recently shared her predictions regarding Donald Trump’s upcoming debate strategy against President Joe Biden on June 27. During an appearance on Anderson Cooper 360, she mentioned that Trump might “interrupt less” than he did during the 2020 debates but will still be “very mean” towards Biden. She highlighted that Trump often tests the waters to see what will please the crowd and make adjustments accordingly.

Haberman also noted that Trump’s debate style can be erratic, with moments of coherence followed by unfounded claims and accusations. She explained that Trump’s team may have a plan in place, but ultimately, Trump does what he wants, leading to inconsistencies in his approach. Despite preparing for the debate with policy sessions, it remains to be seen how Trump will behave on stage and if he will adhere to a more restrained strategy.

In the days leading up to the debate, Trump has been suggesting that Biden may be under the influence of drugs, insinuating that he will be “jacked up” and prepared due to medication. These claims add a layer of tension and anticipation to the upcoming face-off between the two political rivals.

As the debate approaches, the focus remains on how Trump will navigate his interactions with Biden and whether he will stick to a more controlled approach or revert to his previous interruptive and aggressive style. The dynamics between the two candidates promise to make the debate a compelling and potentially contentious event for viewers to witness.