This week in celebrity news, on the “We Hear: Quick Fix” podcast, Paige DeSorbo made a prediction about Lindsay Hubbard’s pregnancy less than a year ago. It seems like her prediction has come true, and fans are buzzing about this exciting news in the celebrity world.

In addition to Lindsay Hubbard’s pregnancy news, Brooks Nader made a splash by debuting her new relationship at Olivia Culpo’s wedding. The celebrity world is always full of surprises, and this unexpected relationship reveal has certainly caught the attention of fans and media alike.

On a more serious note, Tom Hanks’ son Chet has opened up about his past struggles with substance abuse. In a candid interview, he revealed that he used to do so much cocaine that even other drug users told him to “chill.” This revelation sheds light on the darker side of fame and the challenges that come with being in the spotlight.

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