‘Practical Magic 2’ in the Works with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman

The magical Owens women are making a comeback after 26 years. Warner Bros. has announced a sequel to the 1998 hit movie, “Practical Magic,” with talks of Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman reprising their roles.

The original film followed Bullock and Kidman as the witchy Owens sisters who find themselves entangled in a supernatural dilemma after Bullock accidentally causes the death of Kidman’s abusive ex-boyfriend. Directed by Griffin Dunne and based on Alice Hoffman’s novel, the first movie has become a beloved favorite among fans of mystical stories.

The new movie will be penned by Akiva Goldsman, with Bullock and Kidman expected to also take on producing duties alongside Denise Di Novi.

Fans were thrilled by the announcement of “Practical Magic 2,” especially after the recent availability of the first film on digital platforms. The sequel news comes after HBO Max’s failed attempt at a spinoff series based on Hoffman’s prequel novel.

The story of the Owens family revolves around a lineage of magical women who possess supernatural abilities but are burdened by a curse placed by their ancestor. Bullock and Kidman’s characters are determined to break free from the curse and the judgment of their community.

The original film is known for its enchanting score, creative direction, and a soundtrack featuring songs by iconic artists like Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell. As fans eagerly await the sequel, they can revisit the magic of the first film through its quirky trailer.