Porsha Williams Reveals Her Career Path Outside of ‘Housewives’

Porsha Williams, known for her role in Real Housewives of Atlanta, recently opened up about the career path she would have pursued if she wasn’t a reality star. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Williams shared that she had considered being a waitress and even tried it for some time. She also mentioned her interest in becoming an attorney, although she never actively pursued that path.

Williams, who has dabbled in various roles such as model, author, musician, and businesswoman, revealed some interesting facts about herself in the interview. From her favorite movie to her go-to coffee order, here are 25 things you might not know about Porsha Williams:

1. Her favorite movie is Legends of the Fall.
2. Her celebrity crush growing up was Brad Pitt.
3. She has a high pain tolerance.
4. She can make a sound exactly like an alarm system.
5. Her go-to coffee order is a toffee nut latte with whipped cream.
6. She avoids wearing turtlenecks with necklaces on top.
7. She loves using the UberEats app.
8. Her biggest pet peeve is when people don’t brush their teeth in the morning.
9. She enjoys spending Sundays attending church, having brunch, and spending time with her daughter.
10. She always carries her Precision Makeup Sponge 100 by Fenty Beauty.
11. She believes in having a plan rather than dieting.
12. Her happy place is with her daughter.
13. The best concert she ever attended was Coachella in 2018.
14. People are surprised to learn that she plays golf.
15. She previously worked as a waitress and considered becoming an attorney.
16. Her comfort food is ribs and crab legs.
17. She loves karaoke, especially singing songs by Lil’ Kim.
18. She enjoys working on her abs at the gym.
19. Her favorite vacation spot is Turks and Caicos.
20. Her favorite book is her own, The Pursuit of Porsha.
21. Her first car was a navy blue Mitsubishi Eclipse.
22. Her first job was as a bus driver.
23. The best advice she ever received was from her mother.

Porsha Williams continues to captivate audiences with her multifaceted personality and diverse career choices. Stay tuned for more updates on this dynamic star.