Tonight on TLC, the reality show Welcome To Plathville aired a new episode. In this episode called “We’ll See Where Life Goes,” Ethan and Olivia made a move to Minnesota in hopes of strengthening their marriage. However, cracks started to reappear in their relationship soon after. Meanwhile, Kim revealed that she has a new boyfriend, and Barry focused on adjusting to his new life as a single parent. Moriah found comfort as she reconnected with her faith.

The episode started with a look back at the past year for the Plath family. Ethan and Olivia went to Europe for a couple of months to escape their problems, but those problems followed them. Their relationship was strained as Ethan’s family was against them, and even his siblings turned on Olivia. The younger kids didn’t agree with their parents’ decisions and Micah and Moriah broke away from their strict lifestyle.

Kim and Barry were going through a divorce because Kim no longer wanted to live that lifestyle. There were tensions between Kim, Olivia, and Ethan, but they tried to resolve their issues. Moriah, on the other hand, moved out of the house she shared with Olivia and Ethan while they were in Europe because she felt Olivia was spreading lies about her mom.

Moriah and Micah accused Olivia of brainwashing them into hating their family’s lifestyle and claimed she stole Moriah’s music. However, Olivia helped Moriah with her music career and never took any money from her. Moriah eventually got baptized again and reconciled with her parents. Olivia also reached out to her sister Lydia, seeking emotional support.

Ethan and Olivia had differences in how they wanted to raise their potential children, leading to conflicts in their marriage. Ethan took a trip to California to reconnect with Micah, but Moriah also joined them. She apologized for overreacting about Olivia stealing her music, but the damage was already done.

Olivia realized that the world Ethan grew up in was not suitable for women like her, leading to more challenges in their relationship. They both struggled with their marriage, and moving around every year wasn’t solving their problems. Eventually, Ethan and Olivia had to come to terms with the fact that their marriage was not working out.

In conclusion, the episode showcased the ongoing challenges in Ethan and Olivia’s marriage, as well as the family dynamics within the Plath family. It highlighted the struggles of balancing personal beliefs, family expectations, and individual growth. As the season progresses, viewers can expect to see how each family member navigates their relationships and personal journeys.