Perrie Edwards has hinted that she may address her falling out with former bandmate Jesy Nelson on her upcoming solo album. The two were close friends in Little Mix for almost ten years until Jesy left the group in 2020 and they have not spoken since then.

While Perrie did not explicitly mention Jesy’s name, she revealed that she wrote a song about a friendship that ended abruptly. She admitted that the song brings her to tears whenever she listens to it and reflects on how the relationship soured due to disagreements.

During an interview on The Zach Sang Show, Perrie expressed openness to reconciling with her former friend, but she acknowledged that it might be difficult after they hear the song. The situation seems to be quite awkward and emotional for both parties involved.

Despite the tension between Perrie and Jesy, Perrie confirmed to The Sun that a Little Mix reunion is still a possibility after her solo endeavors. She emphasized the strong bond between the members and hinted that reuniting in the future is something they all cherish. The door for reconciliation and reunion remains open, showing that the love and connection between the Little Mix members are still strong.

In the world of music and friendship, conflicts and misunderstandings can sometimes drive people apart. However, the willingness to address these issues through music and remain open to healing and reconciliation shows maturity and emotional growth. Perrie’s upcoming album may serve as a platform for her to express her feelings and possibly pave the way for a resolution in her strained relationship with Jesy.

The journey of navigating friendships and conflicts is a universal experience, and Perrie’s candidness about her struggles with a former friend resonates with many people who have gone through similar situations. As fans eagerly await the release of Perrie’s new album, they can anticipate a personal and heartfelt exploration of her emotions and experiences, adding depth and authenticity to her music.

Ultimately, the story of Perrie and Jesy’s friendship serves as a reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the importance of communication, forgiveness, and understanding in resolving conflicts. Through her music, Perrie has the opportunity to not only share her side of the story but also to inspire others to reflect on their own relationships and seek healing and reconciliation where needed.