Paris Buckingham is currently in a tough spot on The Bold and the Beautiful. Though she is with Thomas Forrester, she knows she is not his first choice. If Hope Logan had accepted Thomas’s proposal, Paris would not be in the picture. This fact might start to weigh on Paris and make her question Thomas’s loyalty.

At the upcoming Fourth of July party, Paris will share some sweet moments with Carter Walton. Carter, who had left Paris at the altar for Quinn Fuller, might still have feelings for her. Since his relationship with Katie Logan has ended, Carter is once again seeking a stable and loving connection. He might regret letting Paris go and wonder about what could have been between them.

If Paris starts to have doubts about her relationship with Thomas and grows closer to Carter, there is a possibility of her cheating on Thomas. This could be the trigger for Thomas to realize that his commitment to Paris is not reciprocated. He might start to question the idea of marriage and ultimately decide to go back to Hope.

The future of Thomas and Paris’s relationship seems uncertain, with the possibility of betrayal and heartbreak looming ahead. Will Paris choose Carter over Thomas, leading to Thomas rekindling his romance with Hope? Only time will tell how this love triangle will unfold on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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