Operation Mincemeat is a hilarious and enthralling musical that delves into the true story of MI5 using a dead body to deceive the Germans in 1943. The recent cast change has not diminished the magic of the original production, thanks to the talented new members who have stepped into key roles.

The musical, created by SpitLip, features fast-paced music and rapping, reminiscent of Hamilton. The cast, with their seamless character changes and comedic timing, keeps the audience entertained throughout the show. Sean Carey and Christian Andrews shine in their roles, with Andrews delivering a standout performance as Hester. His portrayal of a middle-aged woman is both charming and repulsive, capturing the audience’s attention.

Natasha Hodgson’s portrayal of Barber’s Montague adds a unique touch to the production, while Hart’s Jonny brings a hilarious and exasperated energy to the stage. Carey’s Charles is endearing, making the audience root for his outlandish plan to succeed. The emotional depth of the characters is highlighted in moments like Hester’s tender ballad, which leaves the audience moved.

Despite having seen the production before, the humor and wit of Operation Mincemeat still leave me in stitches. The West End production continues to captivate audiences, promising a delightful experience for all who attend. With a perfect blend of comedy, music, and storytelling, Operation Mincemeat is a must-see musical that guarantees a night of laughter and entertainment.